TOURIST SURF PHOTO FAQs - tonyrobertsphoto


Q: Why are the samples so small?

A: They are big enough to see the surfing and the quality of the original is “A” grade. If we send the samples any bigger there will be no incentive for you to purchase which is our goal: we are trying to sell photos here. We have even seen a few cheap bastards post the copywritten samples online. Yes they got put on blast. Also we have found that when we send out bigger samples those folks do not order and we now recognize that type of request as a sign of someone trying to weasel free shots and waste our time.

Q; Why so expensive?

A: They are not at all expensive! Before the digital revolution I only shot photos of pros for companies and magazines and the minimum price for usage of one image was $125, per publication. Yes times have changed now everyone is a "photographer"  but google photo prices for an average wedding photographer: My rates are a tiny fraction of what they charge and I am not an average surf photographer. Also they sell prints I am selling you a magazine quality, high resolution original .jpg you have unlimited personal usage rights to.

Q; Hey but I bought photos off another photographer for pennies!

A: Please don’t compare unpublished hobbyists or their images with me and my work. You are getting a lifetime of top level experience and results in every image I produce.

Q: Hey bro how about a deal, may I get a special price?

A: Do you ask that at the hardware store? At the restaurant? This is my job and as you noticed I put in 100% and the results show. How much do you earn per hour at your job? How do you like people belittling the value of your work? My goal is to sell you top quality photos you and yours will be stoked on for years to come and put food on the table to feed my family. Show some respect.

Q: Dude you are just cruising on the beach you should be stoked just to be there.

A: I am very appreciative of my job but if I am sitting on the beach or swimming with a camera NOT SURFING, it is work and I deserve to be compensated for my time and product.

Q: Do you do per session and group rates?

A: Yes I do, with advance booking.

Q: Where can I contract you to shoot me surfing?

A; Most anywhere but my normal year schedule is Nicaragua/Costa Rica Feb-Sept and Caribbean Oct- Jan.

Q: What else do you offer?

A; A lifetime of surf travel experience and expertise all over the world is available to you as bilingual surf guide, rentals, real estate, location scout, photo and video production and just about anything you may need.

Q: Do you even surf?

A: Yes I do. Check @trsurfing on Instagram

Thank you very much for your time,